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  The concept of providing high-quality products and services is deeply embedded in the business philosophy of BFT and is well performed in all aspects of our operation.  From the beginning of our corporation, we started to establish a leading RD platform in plastic industry. Our RD platform includes a professional and multi-area covered RD team, a laboratory accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and collaborating Institutions.
R&D Team
  Led by the well-known domestic professor, BFT established a multi-area combined R&D team covering high polymer material, mechanical and automation engineering and product design etc.. The R&D employee counted for 30% of BFT. BFT also had a first-class material/products design and project management team.
Lab Facility
  BFT set up a joint laboratory with NETZSCH. We have advanced material analysis equipment DSC, TGA, TMA, rheometer, infrared spectrometer, car inner decoration haze detector, and VOC testing equipment and professional color matching equipment. Companies also have regular physical properties testing equipment, such as universal tensile machine, cantilever beam impact testing machine, plastic Rockwell hardness tester, melt index tester, thermal deformation temperature tester, high and low temperature chamber, hernia lamp aging box, UL94 combustion chamber, etc.
Collaborating Institutions
    . South China University of Technology
    . Wuhan University of Technology
    . Nankai University
    . Tianjin University of Technology

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